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April 03, 2009


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Nice post - hope things are going well for you - saw your poster still up at DPM!


Account Deleted

i agree, for you to be goood where you REALLY want to with your music, we must first undergo some practice or get some music lesson dvds (http://www.mvphomevideo.com) to master the instrument and know how it really works.

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I enjoyed reading your post.Actually like Ed I didn't know the guitar/music theory.I also learn through self taught and through my friends but I think that is not enough,so I bought some dvd's that teach about that.I'm also agree with you that music is like a game,for you to master that game you should know/understand the rules of the game.


Carlos Stanton

I have been playing this instrument for many years but I'm still not very clear about the rule of this game. Maybe I need to work harder.

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Should I take guitar lessons or teach myself from a book?
I asked for a guitar for my birthday, and I got one. Thing is, I do not know how to play it. I have zero skills in the guitar, don't know any of the chords, but do have capo, picks, etc. Should I take guitar lessons from a professional, or should I teach myself from a book or the internet? Thanks in advance!

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Do colleges care if you have transferred from a 4-year college to a community college?
I am a sophomore at 4-year college right now and don't like the school. I want to fininsh off this coming semester so I can transfer to a community college since it's cheaper. I plan on taking the next semester at a cc. And then when I become a junior, I'm going to another 4-year college to graduate. Will the colleges I will be applying next year wonder why I started out as a student at a 4-year college but then decided to transfer over to a community colleges?


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